Combozard, new game released

I’ve just finished a small game Combozard. It’s follows the classical platforming style of the NES/SNES era. Furthermore, the game is short to fit the short attention span of browser based gamers. Thus below is the link to the game:

Play in browser


In game screenshot.

The game is created in PICO-8 which I got in a Humblebundle a long time ago. While the environment is excellent for game assets building in retro style, it falls short on the coding part. Incidentally this can be worked around by using some tools. Given that you use an external editor for the code, you can create bigger projects. Otherwise the code editor will be a problem.

The game duration is short as has been mentioned. In fact it can be completed in 30 seconds. Nonetheless the game is suppose to be hard. The difficulty lies in the execution of key combos (called spells in game).

Instructions about the spells are available on different places on the map. With this in mind the player must learn each spell to progress.

Enemy AI units come as two different types. Namely crawlers and bats. Crawlers will simply walk straight until a wall is reached, then turn around. And bats attach by flying and land on predefined landing points on the map.

Bat AI landing points.

The bat AI will select a fly destination that is closer to the player position.

To conclude, be sure to play the game and check out the code over at Github.

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