Private SMS torrent service

Last year I looked into the possibility of communication between phone and computer via SMS. SMS should be a outdated way of communicating, but it seams that a lot of people (including myself) still use it every day. It’s a very reliable way of communication.

The thing I wanted to do with SMS, is a torrent downloading service that is connected to my computer at home. So when I’m out and hear about a movie that sounds interesting, I can just send a SMS and the download will start.

The plan was to integrate this into the Node.js server I’m running. Thanks to the community at NPM this is can be done with a few libraries.


One way of getting SMS to a computer could probably be, by connecting a phone to a computer and have the computer control the phone. But that’s too much physical work for a programmer.

There are many SMS and phone services online where you can buy telephone numbers cheaply. I tried one called Twilio. I bought a Swedish SMS enabled number that costs $1 USD per month + ~$0.03 USD per SMS. They have API bindings for Node.js.

Torrent searching

Kickass is a good site for finding torrents. If you search NPM for Kickass you’ll find a lot of libraries for searching the site.

Putting it all together

First you search with sök and a query. The response is the match with the highest amount of seeders. A ID for the match is given. Then you send ladda and the ID of the match. The download will now start. When you get home later the download is probably completed 🙂


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